If you’re interested in learning to fly any form of radio controlled model, please take a few minutes to read the notes below and then chat to someone at a BMFA affiliated flying club such as FDMFC. You’ll save yourself a lot of anguish and money! It is highly unlikely that you will teach yourself to fly on your own in a field (or worse still in a public space). Support, advice and ongoing encouragement from the trainers and fellow members at your club will be invaluable and make the whole experience safe, enjoyable and satisfying..

We can advise you on what you need to buy in order to learn to fly and equally importantly what not to buy. Whilst that model Spitfire may be enticing, you need a high wing trainer as your first model – it will be far more forgiving of your early attempts…. Rather than provide a list of equipment on here which will be immediately out of date – please get in touch with us and we will discuss with you what to buy..

Most training is now done with a ‘buddy box’ system where the instructor uses a second transmitter and is able to grant / take back control from the trainee in a second. You will undoubtedly have cause to thank this system many times over before you get your solo wings!

As a BMFA affiliated club we aim to take beginners up to their ‘A’ certificate and beyond and recommend the BMFA publication ‘Flying Start’ as a good read if you are starting in the hobby. BMFA Documents